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Unlocking your birth: Rewind

Caroline offers 1:1 sessions where we will work together around birth, birth trauma, difficult or unsettling feelings and birth memories.

By discussing your birth experiences and thinking together, we will unlock some of your feelings. Through using the highly effective 3-Step Rewind Technique, I hope to be able to help you unlock the emotions surrounding your birth events, and free you from distress associated with pregnancy and birth.

The 3-Step Rewind Technique is a highly effective re-processing tool, it is non-intrusive, short term and safe. My aim is to make this service accessible and affordable, as no one should need to carry around traumatic and troubled feelings in their daily lives.

Sessions will last for roughly an hour and a half, and this will be private 1:1 time. During these sessions, you will not be able to bring your baby or child with you, as I need your undivided, focused attention.

My fee for these session is £70 for an hour and a half. Follow up sessions are charged at £60.

Any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch! With love and hugs xx